Save No.

Lieutenant Garrett Lominack

Newberry County Sheriff’s Office Newberry County SC Saves Club

On October 30, 2013, deputies from the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office responded to a domestic incident that began when an ex-boyfriend broke into the victim’s home, and laid in wait for her return. When the victim discovered the intruder, she was able to call her mother who, in turn, called 911. Upon the arrival of the deputies, the victim was safely extricated from the residence.

A two and a half hour standoff ensued with the suicidal intruder holding a .22 rifle under his chin and responding to negotiations in an increasingly hostile manner. The team decided to deploy a less lethal bean bag round to attempt to take the man into custody. The round caused the intruder to stagger and the team moved forward behind their PROTECH® Assault 3TM Shield with Lt. Garrett Lominack as the shield operator.

As the team approached, the intruder recovered and fired at the advancing deputies striking the shield, which stopped the round. The team continued forward and took the man into custody after a brief struggle. The assailant was charged with burglary for the break-in and three counts of attempted murder for shooting at the deputies.

The shield operator, Lt. Garrett Lominack, credits their PROTECH Assault 3 Shield with the safe outcome of the incident. We welcome Lt. Garrett Lominack, SAVE #1872, to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

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