Save No.

Detective Charles Ray Wallace Jr

Fulton County Police Department Atlanta GA Saves Club

On September 5, 2013 officers from the Fulton County Police Department encountered a wanted felon in a high crime area of South West Atlanta near Hartsfield Airport. As Detective Charles Wallace approached in a marked vehicle, the felon fled on foot. Officers then gave chase and, as they ran into a field of brush, the felon pulled out a handgun. Detective Wallace and a fellow officer called out “gun” simultaneously and the felon stumbled backwards and raised his firearm at the officers.

Both of cers then drew their handguns and began firing at the felon. As Detective Wallace moved to his right during the gun fight, he stepped in front of the second officer and Detective Wallace was hit in the back from approximately five feet away with a .45 ACP round.

Detective Wallace’s ABA® Xtreme HP level II armor stopped the round and he was able to stay in the fight and continue firing, eventually fatally wounding the felon.

Detective Wallace was treated and released from the hospital and has returned to full duty.
We welcome Police Detective Charles Ray Wallace Jr., SAVE #1883, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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