Save No.

Sergeant Michael Kelling

Edwardsville Police Department Edwardsville KS Saves Club

On September 3, 2014, Sgt. Michael Kelling and his partner responded to a call regarding a person causing a disturbance. Upon their arrival, Sgt. Kelling and his partner attempted to talk with the suspect but as Sgt. Kelling approached, the suspect turned toward him with a kitchen knife and slashed him in the neck. Sgt. Kelling attempted to grab the suspect’s arm, yet the suspect was still able to drive the knife into the officer’s chest.

Sgt. Kelling’s Second Chance® SM01 Level IIIA armor stopped the knife. The suspect however, swung a third time causing a severe laceration to the top of Sgt. Kelling’s skull. In an effort to stop the assault, Sgt. Kelling’s partner deployed a Taser® electronic discharge weapon, allowing them to take the assailant into custody.

Sgt. Kelling required six staples to close his injury to the skull and is returning to duty this week.

Welcome, Sergeant Michael Kelling SAVE #1900 to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®

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