Save No.

Officer David Muniz

Cleveland Division of Police Cleveland OH Saves Club

On March 10, 2015, a woman arrived at the 4th District Headquarters of the Cleveland Division of Police after fleeing her apartment. The woman reported that her boyfriend was armed and threatening her and her landlord.

Officers then responded to the apartment and, as the suspect opened the door, he shot Officer David Muniz in the chest with a .45 ACP caliber handgun.

The suspect screamed at the officers to shoot him and refused to drop his gun. As he raised the firearm at Officer Muniz again, officers returned fire ending the threat.

Coincidentally, one of these officers was Officer John Lyons, SAVE # 1911, who had just returned to work two days earlier from his own incident where he was saved with Safariland Group armor. With Officer Lyons’ brave acts, we had a “SAVE save a SAVE.”

Officer Muniz’s Second Chance® Summit SM01 IIIA armor stopped the assailant’s round and he has returned to duty.

We welcome Officer David Muniz, SAVE #1913, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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