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On June 6, 2015, officers recognized a wanted suspect near a levee. As they approached, the suspect fled into a wooded area and they continued to pursue him. The suspect then took an ambush position behind a tree with a pistol-gripped shotgun which was concealed under his clothing.

When the officers were approximately 20 feet away, the suspect shot one of the officers from a concealed position. Both officers then returned fire, fatally wounding the assailant.

The officer who took the brunt of the shot from the assailant was struck in his head and neck by pellets. However, most of the shot impacted his ABA® HP level IIIA armor, which stopped all the pellets that impacted it. The wounded officer is making a full recovery and is expected to return to full duty in October.

We welcome SAVE #1923, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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