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Lieutenant Investigator Steve Babcock

Hugo Police Department Hugo OK Saves Club

Last week we recognized SAVE #1926; SAVE #1927 was in the same gunfight.

On April 23, 2015, Lt. Babcock of the Hugo Police Dept. was called to assist the Choctaw Sheriff’s Department on a disturbance call where a suspect was shooting into his neighbor’s home.

A decision was made to breach the suspect’s door and Lt. Babcock effected the breach. As the lieutenant raised his patrol rifle to clear the entryway, the suspect – armed with a 12-gauge shotgun loaded with 00 buckshot – shot him in the left shoulder. Lt. Babcock returned fire until his rifle jammed.

As he moved for cover, Lt. Babcock was hit by two more 00 buckshot rounds in both legs. The third shot shattered his left femur just above the knee causing his leg to collapse, and the suspect continued to fire through the walls at him. Lt. Babcock cleared the jam and inserted a fresh magazine and reengaged the suspect through the walls. As that magazine ran dry, the suspect ceased fire and the lieutenant moved against the house for better cover.

Suddenly, the suspect came to the door waiving around a sweatshirt in what appeared to be an attempt at surrendering. As officers approached to take him into custody, he grabbed an officer’s patrol rifle and a fight over the weapon began. Choctaw Deputy Jeff Epley, SAVE #1926, though wounded by shotgun and rifle fire, was then able to fatally wound the assailant to end the gun battle.

Lt. Babcock was transported to the emergency room for treatment for the hits off the armor. His Safariland® Armorwear Gold level II 4.0 stopped the buckshot hits to his chest and back. Lt. Babcock has been in physical therapy for the injuries sustained in the gunfight. He hopes to return to duty early next year.

We welcome Lieutenant Investigator Steve Babcock, SAVE #1927, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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