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Officer Jeff Gillis

Allied Special Operations Response Team Mansfield OH Saves Club

On April 27, 2015, the Allied Special Operations Response Team (ASORT) was activated to assist the Mansfield Police Department at the scene of a barricaded gunman who was armed with an AR15 rifle. A 26-hour standoff ensued with the assailant firing multiple times throughout the standoff at the officers.

At one point operators were tasked with a breach through a window AC unit but came under fire by the assailant. SWAT Operator Shane Gearhart held his position of responsibility and allowed Operator Jeff Gillis, Operator Rod Roose and Operator John Mager to tactically withdraw to cover. His Protech® Tactical Entry II Shield was struck by at least four 5.56 rounds during this breach attempt. All officers, including Officer Gearhart, were able to move to cover unharmed.

Though not rated for this caliber weapon, the Protech Tactical Entry II stopped three of the rounds that struck center mass and deflected a fourth shot that struck the lower portion. No officers were injured in the standoff which was ended when the assailant opened fire again at the 26-hour point and a SWAT operator returned fire fatally wounding the suspect.

We welcome Officer Shane Gearhart, SAVE #1933, Officer Jeff Gillis, SAVE #1934, Officer Rod Roose, SAVE #1935 and Officer John Mager, SAVE #1936 to The Safariland Group SAVES Club®.

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