Save No.

Paramedic Zachary Myers of Community Life Team EMS

Harrisburg City Harrisburg PA Saves Club

Paramedic Zachary Myers Community Life Team EMS-Harrisburg City Harrisburg, PA SAVE #1938

On November 25, 2015, paramedic Zachary Myers and EMT Brendon Kroner were dispatched to render aid to an individual who was assaulted. Upon arrival, they encountered a female calling out for assistance. A second female came out from the adjoining residence and began fighting with the first female. The medics attempted to separate the combatants and, as they were separated, one of the females drew a large knife from her waistband and stabbed Paramedic Zachary Myers in the chest. His Second Chance® SMF Level II armor stopped the knife and he was able to wrestle the knife away from the assailant.

At that time, both Paramedic Meyers and EMT Kroner returned to the safety of the ambulance and summoned the Harrisburg Police Department. Paramedic Myers was treated for minor injuries and returned to duty within a few hours. He credits his Second Chance armor with saving his life.

We welcome Paramedic Zachary Myers, SAVE #1938, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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