Save No.

Captain James A. Woods

Charleston County Sheriff’s Office Charleston SC Saves Club

On August 15, 2015, Captain James A. Woods was conducting a motorcycle escort for a group of Military Veterans when one of the participants broke out of line and pulled directly into the path of his police motorcycle. Captain Woods swerved to avoid colliding with the motorist and a second police motorcyclist struck him from behind.

Captain Woods was traveling at 60 MPH and the second police motorcyclist was traveling at 80 MPH – a standard overtaking maneuver so the officers can block intersections for the motorcade. When the collision occurred, the second officer flew over the handlebars and struck Captain Woods in the back with his helmet and body, knocking him from the motorcycle.

Captain Woods tumbled for quite a distance on the pavement before coming to a stop. He immediately got up and moved to check on the other officer. Both were transported to the Medical University of South Carolina to receive treatment. Although Captain Woods received ‘road rash’ on the areas not protected by his armor, his ABA® SX01 Level II vest protected him from serious trauma to the torso. Captain Woods was treated and released, and both officers have returned to duty.

We welcome Captain James A. Woods, SAVE #1943, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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