Save No.

Corporal Michael Domingue

Baton Rouge Police Department Baton Rouge LA Saves Club

On July 6 2015, Corporal Michael Domingue was traveling westbound on his department issued motorcycle when an 18 wheeler changed lanes without looking. As Corporal Domingue attempted to brake, he was hit by the truck.

Corporal Domingue was knocked from the motorcycle and, while sliding down the street, received road rash down his right arm and shoulder. He slid on the right side of his back for several feet ripping his shirt completely off. His Second Chance® SM01 level II armor saved his torso from impact and further road rash injuries. Corporal Domingue is recovering and will be returning to full duty.

We welcome Corporal Michael Domingue, SAVE #1947, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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