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Officer Jordan McCarthy

Boise Police Department Boise ID Saves Club

On June 28, 2016, Officer Jordan McCarthy responded to a shooting where one victim was down and the suspect was still at large on scene. As Officer McCarthy arrived, he heard approximately 10 rounds being fired and spotted a subject approximately 70 yards to his west. But, because it was dark, Officer McCarthy was unable to determine if that person was the shooter or a victim.

Officer McCarthy took cover behind an RV and began to give commands to the subject. He then came under fire from a high powered rifle and one of the .308 rounds passed through the RV and hit him in the center of his chest. Officers on scene returned fire and the assailant continued firing at these officers.

The assailant was found deceased with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Officer McCarthy was taken to the hospital where it was determined that his Second Chance® SM01 Level II armor, T-15 insert and soft trauma pack worked together to stop the .308 round. He was treated for the blunt force trauma and has returned to full duty.

We welcome Officer Jordan McCarthy, SAVE #1960, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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