Save No.

PC Adam Koch

West Midlands Police Department Birmingham Saves Club

On June 15, 2013, Police Constable (PC) Adam Koch and his partner PC Jean Stevens responded to a stabbing inside a mosque where the suspect was detained inside. Once they arrived, the officers were directed to a prayer room where the suspect was sitting calmly with his back to the door.

The officers entered the room and instructed the suspect to show his hands. The suspect stood up, turned around and revealed a knife in his hand. PC Koch then deployed a Taser® electrical weapon but it was ineffective and the suspect closed the gap and began stabbing PC Koch in the stomach. As a struggle ensued, the suspect stabbed PC Koch several times in the back and they brought the struggle to the floor, where PC Koch was able to disarm the suspect. PC Stevens and members of the public moved in and assisted in getting the suspect into handcuffs.

PC Koch received one major stab wound to the left side of his stomach where the knife hit under the armor, and a second minor wound in the back in an unprotected area. His Aegis® armor stopped multiple strikes to his torso and PC Koch is back on full duty.

We welcome PC 20490 Adam Koch, SAVE #1978, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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