Save No.

Officer Ray Choat

Idabel Police Department Idabel OK Saves Club

On arrival at a shooting scene, Choat was asked to step around the side of the building so they could “have a talk.” Choat writes, “pulled his old handgun and said, “mine is as big as yours. “When he did, I reached for my own gun, and he fired.” The 56-year old officer took a hit in the right side of his chest with a 158gr slug out of a .357 Ruger. Choat said, “the impact of the bullet fired at close range hurt, but (I) was able to draw (my) own weapon and return fire.” Choat’s assistant was right about one thing. His gun was “as big as” Choat’s .357. The edge, however, was with Choat because he was wearing concealable Second Chance® Body Armor.

We welcome Officer Ray Choat, SAVE #200, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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