Save No.

Deputy Benjamin Gieselman

Hays County Sheriff’s Office San Marcos TX Saves Club

On November 24, 2017, deputies from the Hays County Sheriff’s Office
responded to a call regarding a suspicious person. Upon the deputies’ arrival,
the assailant opened fire nine times with a shotgun from an ambush position
approximately 20 feet away.

Deputy Benjamin Gieselman was shot with birdshot rounds and hit multiple
times in the arm, leg and torso. Thankfully, the deputy was able to return fire
with his patrol rifle and the assailant was later found deceased a short
distance from the ambush location.

Deputy Gieselman was taken to the hospital for treatment where it was
discovered that his Safariland® SX02 Level II armor stopped the hits to the
torso. The deputy was treated for the hits to his arm and right leg and has
returned to duty.

We welcome Deputy Benjamin Gieselman, SAVE #2002, to The Safariland

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