Save No.

Officer Gary Philips

Parrish Police Department Parrish AL Saves Club

Officer Gary Philips will always remember Wednesday, October 15, 1980. On that chilly morning, shortly after 0100 hours, Philips came within a fraction of an inch of death. That fraction of an inch happened to be the thickness of his Second Chance® Body Armor. Officer Philips was responding to a silent alarm in his patrol area when he came on two young subjects trying to gain entry to a retail store. ON an order to “freeze”, the two took off down the alleyway. Philips jumped into his car, swung around the block and cut off the fugitives as they exited the alley. As Philips got out of his car, the two stopped running, pulled out handguns and opened fire. One of the shots struck Philips in the lower left chest, below the ribcage. He returned fire hitting one of the subjects before they escaped on foot. Philips was hit with a .32 slug. The caliber was determined when investigators found it embedded in Philips” Second Chance Model® “X” vest.

We welcome Officer Gary Philips, SAVE #202, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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