Save No.

Officer Frank O’Donnell

Portland Police Department Portland OR Saves Club

Every now and then we come across heroes who share their SAVE story from
many years ago. During a recent visit from a Fastenal engineer to our Ontario,
CA facility, the engineer shared his story as a former police officer of the
Portland Police Department and how our armor once saved his life.

In 1974, on a moonless, stormy Portland night, Officer Frank O’Donnell
responded to a report of a residential silent alarm. While approaching the
residence on a steep hill, he lost his footing and fell 20 feet, landing on an
upright pole. The fall knocked him unconscious.

Officer O’Donnell still remembers the emergency room physician holding the
armor and asking, “What is this?” The physician had never seen armor before.
The doctor told Officer O’Donnell that his Second Chance armor had saved
him from a life-threatening impalement injury to his lungs.

Officer O’Donnell was hospitalized for several days. He wants to take this
moment to thank everyone at Safariland stating, “Wearing it made all the

We welcome Officer Frank O’Donnell, SAVE #2023, to The Safariland Group

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