Save No.

Task Force Officer Michael Alford

U.S. Marshal Service Task Force Saves Club

On July 19, 2018, Task Force Officer Michael Alford was working as an agent
with the U.S. Marshal’s Service Task Force in South East Missouri (SEMO) to
serve a federal arrest warrant for a felon in possession of a firearm.

After making entry into the residence, the team was securing each room and
made entry into the final bedroom when the suspect opened fire and shot
Officer Alford in the center of his chest with a .38 caliber round.

The task force moved back to the perimeter and a standoff ensued, which
lasted for an hour before the suspect came out and surrendered.

Officer Alford’s ABA SX02 level IIIA armor stopped the round to his chest and
he was treated and released the same evening from the hospital.

We welcome Task Force Officer Michael Alford, SAVE #2027, to The Safariland

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