Save No.

Officer Luis Duarte

Cicero Police Department Cicero IL Saves Club

On September 13, 2018, Officer Luis Duarte and his partner were attempting
to stop a driver from fleeing a scene. As Officer Duarte was exiting his vehicle,
he was shot multiple times by the assailant who was armed with a 9mm semiautomatic

Officer Duarte was struck in his right arm and armpit area, both legs and in
his lower abdomen. His Second Chance® MR01 level IIIA armor stopped the
round to his abdomen. Officer Duarte’s partner was able to return fire,
wounding the assailant, and took him into custody. The assailant has been
charged with multiple felonies.

Officer Duarte was released from the hospital after five days and is making a
fantastic recovery.

We welcome Officer Luis Duarte, SAVE #2037, to The Safariland Group SAVES

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