Save No.

Officer Donald “Don” Lancaster

Fort Worth Police Department Saves Club

On July 18, 2019, officers responded to a “man with a weapon” call. Two females were observed running from an apartment and officers were advised the man inside had a gun. Upon arrival at the apartment, officers could hear crying from inside. Officer Donald Lancaster opened the front door and could see the suspect standing behind two hostages – a 12-year old female and a 15-year old male.

The suspect refused to release the hostages and surrender. With the suspect pointing a gun at him, Officer Lancaster continued to attempt to peacefully resolve the situation. An officer handed a PROTECH® Assault II Shield to Officer Lancaster and within seconds the suspect opened fire.

The shield stopped the .40 S&W round that struck it and officers were able to safely move to cover. Fort Worth SWAT arrived on scene and the suspect still refused to release the hostages and surrender. The suspect pointed his gun at the SWAT officers, and they eliminated the threat.  Entry was made and the hostages were safely rescued.

We welcome Officer Don Lancaster, SAVE #2061, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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