Save No.

Officer Jim Ketterman

Springdale Police Department Springdale AR Saves Club

Officer Ketterman was on his way to the hospital to take a statement from a victim of a beating. His patrol unit was stopped while waiting for traffic to turn, when he was hit from behind. Ketterman was thrown into the steering wheel, causing him to black out. After recovering in the hospital, Ketterman’s doctor showed him his Second Chance® vest he had been wearing at the time of the crash. On the front was a deep imprint of the steering wheel. The doctor then told Ketterman if he had not been wearing his vest he would have just been another auto accident statistic. Ketterman said, “My vest “saved” me from injuries in the past, but nothing like this. Thank you.”

We welcome Officer Jim Ketterman, SAVE #208, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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