Save No.

Officer Steve Schumacher

Coconut Creek Police Department Coconut Creek FL Saves Club

Officer Schumacher was on patrol in the late evening hours when he came across what he thought was an abandoned vehicle. As he approached the car from the driver’s side, out popped an over-and-under .410/. 22. You talk about being surprised! The blast from the .410 was within a foot of Schumacher’s midsection, halfway between his heart and his navel. As the officer staggered back from the hit, the car started up its engine and took a piece of Schumacher before screeching away. The chief was made a believer when Schumacher returned to the station with wadding and birdshot still embedded in his Second Chance® vest.

We welcome Officer Steve Schumacher, SAVE #210, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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