Save No.

Officer John Solheim

Pierce County Sheriff’s Department Tacoma WA Saves Club

Officer Solheim was speeding to a supermarket robbery call when he noticed a vehicle answering the subject’s description passing him in the opposite direction. After making a U-turn he pursued the vehicle bringing it to an abrupt stop. The suspect jumped out of his car and ran to Solheim’s unit just as John was exiting. As the assailant came within five feet or Solheim, he brought his hand from behind his back exposing a .357 4″ Colt Python. Firing, he hit Solheim in his right chest area, protected by a seven-year-old Second Chance® vest. “Not wanting to be outdone,” writes Solheim, “I began by shooting him in the chest a couple of times with my 4″ S&W .41 Magnum.”

We welcome Officer John Solheim, SAVE #215, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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