Save No.

Officer Ray Simper

Hawthorne Police Department Hawthorne CA Saves Club

Officer Simper and his sergeant were checking out a stolen credit card report when the suspect ran from the store. Simper took off after the suspect and about 200″ into the chase; the suspect turned, pulled a 2″ .38 out of his waistband and began firing at the officer. Simper drew his weapon and returned fire. Within seconds both weapons were emptied. Two bullets hit Simper. One in the left hand and the other in the right chest. The slug to his right chest tore into his uniform shirt, hit his Second Chance® vest and was retrieved from the uniform pocket. The suspect wasn’t so lucky. Three of Simper’s bullets found their mark and didn’t bounce off.

We welcome Officer Ray Simper, SAVE #219, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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