Save No.

Officer Derrill Stoddard

Easthampton Town Police Department Easthampton MA Saves Club

Officer Stoddard was on his way to the search area to help locate a fleeing felon when out of nowhere the felon appeared in Stoddard’s lane of travel and was hit broadside. The abrupt stop for both cars and drivers resulted in a fatal felon and a banged up police officer. During the collision, Stoddard’s body compressed the steering wheel into the dash up to the shift lever, bent over the radio tree and knocked the radio and siren components free. According to his doctors, they checked Stoddard’s stomach and chest area 3 times for any injury and were confident he was saved from further injury due to his Second Chance® Model Y Vest.

We welcome Officer Derrill Stoddard, SAVE #226, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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