Save No.

Officer Andrew Nuss

Akron Police Department Akron OH Saves Club

On December 20, 1974, Officer Nuss was at a “stake out” in a local party store that had been a victim of recent robberies. At 10:45 that night a “customer” entered the store requesting a permanent loan from the cash register. Nuss in the back room saw the raised hands of the proprietor and entered from the back storeroom with both handguns ready. On Nuss” announcement “Police, Freeze!” the subject turned to Nuss and began shooting. Nuss immediately returned fire downing his assailant. The subject’s first shot hit (.22) Nuss at a range of within six feet. The slug was lodged in Nuss” Second Chance® vest front panel 2-inches from the bottom and a quarter of an inch from the right side.

We welcome Officer Andrew Nuss, SAVE #24, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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