Save No.

Officer Ramona Wiles

Westover Police Department Westover WV Saves Club

Thanks to her partner, Gene Donaldson, and her Second Chance® vest, Officer Ramona Wiles was able to continue enforcing the law in the north central hills of West Virginia. Wiles and her partner responded to a “family disturbance” call in which two men were arguing with another woman. When the two officers tried to break up the family fight, one of the men came out swinging a large butcher knife. Donaldson, stabbed and wounded, fell to the ground. Before Wiles could make a move, the assailant turned to Wiles, knocking her on the ground and jumped on her flailing the knife. Her Second Chance® vest thwarted many of the blades attempts to penetrate while Donaldson regained his composure and pumped two bullets into the assailant.

We welcome Officer Ramona Wiles, SAVE #254, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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