Save No.

Officer Ivan Smith

Albuquerque Police Department Albuquerque NM Saves Club

Just prior to midnight on a rain-swept thoroughfare, Officer Smith was directing traffic around a downed power line caused by a previous accident. Smith was visible at the scene with his unit parked nearby, lighting the area with red and blue flashes. Smith’s own flashlight was shining its beam into oncoming and passing traffic. Out of nowhere Smith was “ambushed” by an orange pickup going faster than circumstances called for. Both truck and officer left the scene immediately. Smith hit the truck windshield before landing some 80″ from point of impact. The truck didn’t stop. “The doctors could not believe that I was not dead from the impact..” wrote Smith. Dr. McIver, attending physician, concurred by stating, “the (Second Chance®) body armor saved this officer from more serious injury.”

We welcome Officer Ivan Smith, SAVE #279, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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