Save No.

Deputy Bradley Knapp

Stutsman County Sheriff’s Department Jamestown ND Saves Club

Deputy Knapp was one of several officers wounded in a shoot out with a man who was the objection of a nationwide manhunt in early “83. The incident involved three suspects, each armed with .223 Mini-14’s. At the time Knapp was shot, he was behind the door of his patrol car. The first round hit him in the hand and lodged in the stock of his shotgun. Another round stopped in the door while a third came through splitting into fragments that struck Knapp in the chest, shoulder and grazing his head. One of the larger fragments hitting his Second Chance® vest was 1/8″ X 3/4” long, sticking him in the chest area above his heart.

We welcome Deputy Bradley Knapp, SAVE #312, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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