Save No.

Trooper Jeff Faison

Albuquerque Police Department Albuquerque NM Saves Club

Trooper Faison and reserve officer Ron Fisher were called to investigate a complaint about a motorcyclist tailgating motorists on the main drag through Albuquerque. Fisher remained in the car while Faison questioned the cyclist after the pullover. Instead of coming out of his pocket with his license, he drew a snub-nose .357 and drilled a slug into Faison’s Second Chance® vest just over the heart. He then took aim at Fisher and pushed a slug through the patrol car door striking Fisher in the shoulder. The assailant then ran over to Fisher to finish him off. Just as he was about to shoot Fisher again, Faison recovered from the .357 hit, drew his own weapon and shot the assailant.

We welcome Trooper Jeff Faison, SAVE #314, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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