Save No.

Officer Ray Feyen

INDICO Software for Law Enforce Fort Worth TX Saves Club

In most cases, police officers leave the station daily to take their chances of getting shot on the street. Feyen’s “save” occurred as he sat in the station when a camo-type carrying an auto-pistol came through the front door. Feyen took three 9mm hits to his body. The lower leg hit and the lower abdomen area hit looked nasty but the resultant bruise over his heart would have proved fatal had it not been for his Second Chance® Model Y vest he always wore on duty. Dr. Reed, at the Rogers Hospital, stated,”The shot which Feyen received to the left chest area had been stopped by the bullet-proof vest” and “the vest had saved the officer’s life as the chest shot would have more than likely killed him.

We welcome Officer Ray Feyen, SAVE #368, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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