Save No.

Officer Jim Martin

Arkansas Game And Fish Commission Little Rock AR Saves Club

A DWI reached back into his pickup cab and came out shooting. The first slug hit Martin directly over his heart. As Martin dove for cover the second slug glanced of the upper left part of the back of his vest. The third shot, through the side of the truck bed nipped his nose. Martin returned fire expending 13-shots from his 9mm and reloaded. The firefight continued with both men circling the truck firing at each other. The last two rounds in Martin’s second clip found their mark in his assailant’s head ending the nightmare. Martin’s assailant was hit 11 times, Martin 4 times (2 in his vest, 2 grazing shots). Officer Martin’s Second Chance® armor stopped multiple hits from a blazing .357 magnum. Dr. Ken Turner, attending physician, states, “Either of these injuries could have been life threatening if the bullets penetrated the chest wall in this area and could have lead to serious permanent spinal injury or even death at the scene.”

We welcome Officer Jim Martin, SAVE #377, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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