Save No.

Officer Chris Schultz

Retired TN Saves Club

Officer Schultz had just cleared the station from a DUI arrest and got a call to respond to a “disturbance.” As he approached the area, a man and woman were standing in the street arguing. As the car approached the couple, the man turned to the patrol car and began firing with his .357 magnum handgun. A total of five rounds were found in the car, one of which came screaming through the windshield slamming into Schultz’s Second Chance® covered chest. Schultz credits his “save” to God, his armor and his survival training to react to this situation. Putting the car in gear, Schultz ran over his assailant, excited the car, pulled the man out from under the car and arrested him.

We welcome Officer Chris Schultz, SAVE #382, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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