Save No.

Officer Gene Evans

Arlington Police Department Arlington TX Saves Club

An Arlington woman left her house one Friday morning saying she was going to “get me a cop.” Not finding one during her “driving search,” she pulled into a busy intersection, stopped the car and waited. Officer Evans, seeing the “disabled vehicle” disrupting traffic, pulled his unit with flashing lights behind her car. The woman was seated on the passenger side with all but her window rolled up. As Evans went around the car to ask her what the problem was, she leaned out her window with a .38 and placed a bullet between the second and third buttons of Evans” uniform shirt. Evans drew his own weapon and promptly returned fire, blowing out several of the car’s windows. His assailant dropped her weapon, exited her car and was handcuffed by Evans. Evans was wearing his Second Chance® armor and was not injured during this confrontation.

We welcome Officer Gene Evans, SAVE #415, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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