Save No.

Deputy Thomas Crosby Herbert Foltz Jr

Harris County Sheriff’s Department Houston TX Saves Club

Verification was received from Dr. Kaldis, Deputy Crosby’s physician, as to the physical injuries Crosby would have received had it not been for the Second Chance® armor he was wearing at the time of Crosby’s accident. While in route from his house to work, in full uniform while cycling to his destination, a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction turned in front of Crosby’s motorcycle causing a head-on encounter. Crosby flew over the car and landed on his back and rolling into the roadside ditch. His injuries included a broken left femur and chipped ankle bone. No back or chest injuries were sustained due to his Second Chance® Superfeatherlite II armor.

We welcome Deputy Thomas Crosby Herbert Foltz Jr, SAVE #497, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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