Save No.

Officer David Rowley

McCandless Police Department Wexford PA Saves Club

Officer Rowley was directing traffic at a four-way intersection where the traffic light was not operable. Cars were stopped in three of the the four directions with a truck approaching from the west. The truck began to slow down as the officer raised his hands in an outstretched manor. As the officer turned to direct traffic from the opposite direction the truck came through the intersection, striking Rowley in the back at approximately 15 MPH. Rowley was thrown about fifteen feet, landing on his hand and knees. Surgery had to be performed on one of his knees and he had abrasions and contusions to his body in areas not protected by his Second Chance® armor. Rowley was off work for two months while his body recovered from the accident.

We welcome Officer David Rowley, SAVE #504, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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