Save No.

Officer Randy Hutchens

Rochester Police Department Rochester IN Saves Club

Officer Daugherty and Officer Hutchen were in two patrol cars pursuing an armed robber from a Phillips 66 gas station. Daugherty, in the lead car, with Hutchen right behind him, pulled up alongside the suspect’s vehicle and was waving him over, when Hutchen plowed right into Daugherty’s rear end. Neither officer was wearing a seat belt. Dr. Grossman, OD, in his signed statement, said he “expected to see much more serious injury such as rib fractures, lung contusion, cardiac contusion, major vessel damage or interruption, or lung damage. Instead only minor sprains, bruises, etc. were found. (I) can only assume that the Second Chance® vests (the officers were wearing) were responsible.”

We welcome Officer Randy Hutchens, SAVE #507, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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