Save No.

Deputy Daniel Rees

Lee County Sheriff’s Office Fort Myers FL Saves Club

Deputy Rees was checking out a local Elks Club building, the scene of numerous burglaries, when he observed an individual running along the south end of the building. Rees exited his vehicle and started to walk toward the back of the building, following the suspect. As Rees turned the corner, he was attacked by an individual with a sharp pointed weapon. Rees was slashed across the stomach, stabbed in the chest and arm and cut across the forehead. The assailant then ran off, leaving Rees on the ground. Rees as released later that night from the hospital. His Second Chance® body armor stopped major torso damage by deflecting the unknown edged weapon from penetrating his body.

We welcome Deputy Daniel Rees, SAVE #509, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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