Save No.

Detective Duane Hart

Virginia Beach Police Department Virginia Beach VA Saves Club

Detective Hart was participating in a training exercise, building search, at the Virginia Beach firing range with other members of the special investigative unit. Hart had zipped out the ballistic panels of his Second Chance® Investigator Jacket and placed the panels on his torso for extra protection during the exercises. Hart was standing outside the right side entrance of a cardboard structure, which depicted hallways and a three-room interior. A search team of SIU personnel entered the building and within minutes Hart was struck by a single 9mm bullet fired at a target within the structure. The projectile passed through the wall striking Hart in the upper right back of his Second Chance® armor. The bullet stopped in the Model Z2W-M2 ballistic panel. Hart was treated for the abrasion and minor swelling caused by the 9mm projectile and was released.

We welcome Detective Duane Hart, SAVE #513, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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