Save No.

Officer Manny Trevino

Chelan County Sheriff’s Office Wenatchee WA Saves Club

Deputy England was headed north between two small towns at night when he noticed a lone hitchhiker off the side of the road. After passing the man, England slowed down and made a U-turn to check him out. The man was “kind of strung out” as England approached him in front of the unit’s headlights. His hands were in his pockets and when England asked him to remove them, out came a .22 handgun. Two shots were fired at England, both striking his Second Chance® Model Y2+ armor. One bullet buried itself in the Kevlar layers of the armor while the other glanced off the side of the vest riding along the inside between the armor and the uniform shirt but not hitting the torso. England was able to react to his attacker, gaining control of the weapon and placing his assailant under arrest

We welcome Officer Manny Trevino, SAVE #517, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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