Save No.

Deputy Robert Parcell

Missoula County Sheriff’s Department Missoula MT Saves Club

Deputy Parcell responded to an assistance call in a neighboring county at a local residence. As he was driving to the call he noticed, who he thought might be the suspect, in a car just passing him. Parcell turned around and pulled the other vehicle over. Before Parcell could exit his own car, the other driver jumped out of his car and ran into the nearby woods. Parcell was about twenty-feet into the woods in pursuit when he found himself silhouetted by the highway vehicle lights. Three shots rang out from the woods, one of the .41mag slugs striking Parcell directly over his heart, breaking off the tip of his badge and becoming lodged in his Second Chance® armor. Parcell was knocked down but got up to pursue his attacker. The attacker is known to the police and became the subject of an area wide manhunt

We welcome Deputy Robert Parcell, SAVE #550, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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