Save No.

Officer Michael Benbow

Baton Rouge Town Police Department Baton Rouge LA Saves Club

On the night of 20 November 92, Benbow and his partner observed an individual lurking around a local restaurant after closing time. When the individual disappeared into the shadows, Benbow exited the car while his partner drove around the back of the building. As Benbow was walking in the dark alleyway his assailant jumped out and attacked him striking Benbow in the face with a fist. Benbow fought back striking the other person several times. As his assailant backed away from Benbow, he produced a small .32 caliber handgun. All Benbow saw was a flash. The first bullet struck him dead center in his 2A Second Chance® armor. The second bullet pierced his collar, just missing his neck. The attack knocked Benbow down but he was able to recover.

We welcome Officer Michael Benbow, SAVE #558, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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