Save No.

Officer David Michael Hochstein

Westland Police Department Westland MI Saves Club

Officer Hochstein and his partner were in pursuit of a speeding vehicle. The subject turned into a dead end street and came to rest in front of a barricade. As the officers approached the vehicle on foot, Hochstein’s partner drew his weapon, holding it at his side as they approached the stopped vehicle. The subject inside the car slammed the car into reverse then forward around the barrier and down a steep embankment into river’s edge. The two officers descended the slope, Hochstein’s partner began to slide in the mud, hitting the car’s trunk and rolling over the car onto the front hood. As this was happening, the gun he was carrying, fired as his finger hit the trigger. The single shot struck Hochstein on the edge of his Second Chance armor. As the reporting officer stated, as well as the Sgt., “the 9mm bullet would have been a nasty gut shot had it not been for the Second Chance® armor that took the velocity away from the bullet.” Hochstein was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released and was.

We welcome Officer David Michael Hochstein, SAVE #561, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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