Save No.

Officer Douglas Melton

Cleveland Police Department Cleveland OH Saves Club

Melton and two other Cleveland officers answered a disturbance call in which shooting was involved. The suspect was inside the house when Melton arrived. The suspect fled the house but returned as the police began searching the neighborhood. They found the subject on the second floor during a room by room search. As the officer climbed the stairs, the subject jumped out from a cubbyhole and started down the stairs firing his .38 revolver. Two .38 slugs buried themselves in Melton’s armor as Melton and two other officers returned fire. The subject was hit twice in the head and five times in his torso. Melton’s armor stopped the first slug directly over his heart and the second shot dead center on his sternum.

We welcome Officer Douglas Melton, SAVE #565, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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