Save No.

Sergeant Paul Gibbs

Annapolis Police Department Annapolis MD Saves Club

Sgt. Gibbs was a member of an assault team ordered to serve a search and seizure warrant. After initial entry into the house, Gibbs had to break down one of the bedroom doors to gain entry. On impact, the door came off the upper hinge forcing Gibbs to fall inside the room. As he fell, his assailant armed with a .22 handgun, fired straight at Gibbs, striking the collar of his Second Chance Command Jac. The ballistic collar kept Gibbs from receiving a nasty throat wound. Gibbs returned fire striking his assailant in the knuckles of his left hand, the bullet traveling up his arm and exiting at the elbow. The shooter kept firing, missing Gibbs but hitting his backup in the leg and side. Other rounds struck two other officers in their helmets and ballistic shields. Return fire stopped the gunman long enough to be placed under arrest.

We welcome Sergeant Paul Gibbs, SAVE #572, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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