Save No.

Deputy Derek Artz

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Yakima WA Saves Club

Deputy Artz encountered a subject passed out inside a vehicle. On a quick check of ID, the subject was found to be wanted for a burglary charge. Once inside the police car, the subject became violent, kicking out the back window of the car. In the struggle, the subject grabbed Artz’s .357 sidearm and began firing. One round struck the top of the rear edge of Artz’s Second Chance armor. The second round went into the right pocket of his uniform shirt, deflecting off his armor and lodging in his bicep. Artz then ran to his vehicle, returned fire with his shotgun, wounding his assailant in the chest.

We welcome Deputy Derek Artz, SAVE #574, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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