Save No.

Officer John Augustyn

Detroit Police Department Detroit MI Saves Club

Officer Augustyn and his partner pulled up behind a suspicious vehicle waiting for a subject using a nearby phone booth. When the officers were questioning the driver in the street, the subject using the phone jumped into the car and sped off leaving the driver standing in the middle of the road with Augustyn. The two officers then took off after the vehicle chasing it several blocks into a residential alleyway. Two subjects exited the car with the two officers in pursuit. One of the subjects opened fire with a 9mm striking Augustyn in the chest. His partner stopped his pursuit to return to Augustyn, taking him to the hospital. A 9mm slug was found in the carrier of Augustyn’s Second Chance® armor unit.

We welcome Officer John Augustyn, SAVE #576, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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