Save No.

Sergeant Thomas Fear

Ames IA Saves Club

Sgt. Fearn was one of the attendees at a SWAT training session in Oshkosh. Fearn had asked a question about shooting on the move and the instructor began to demonstrate a technique. As the instructor moved toward the group he raised his gun and pulled the trigger. Fearn “saw and felt the blast for the 9mm Sig.” The first thought was the instructor put blanks in his weapon for “reality,” since he did a weapons check prior to class. The instructor ran to Fearn to ask him if he was alright. The round fired struck Fearn in the center of his Second Chance® Command Jac, blowing out a portion of the zipper. Fearn states that he did not feel anything strong hit him. Examining the vest, the slug fragmented in the K30 plate. Had Fearn not been wearing the Second Chance® armor, “we would have had to write Tom off as a complete loss,” states reporting officer Anderson.

We welcome Sergeant Thomas Fear, SAVE #587, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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