Save No.

Detective David Friel

Chicago Police Department Chicago IL Saves Club

Detective Friel and his partner were investigating an aggravated battery complaint when a tip brought them to an address of the person they were looking for. The suspect was found dealing drugs outside the building. When Friel exited his vehicle the suspect fled up a nearby railroad embankment. Friel and his partner took off in pursuit running through high grass and low bush growth. The suspect was waiting for them to approach as he stood up firing a .25 at the two officers. One slug hit Friel in the front panel of his 2-week old Second Chance® armor. The suspect then took off again. Seeing that Friel received a non-fatal hit, Det. McMurray began to chase down the shooter. In the exchange of gunfire, McMurray was hit in the leg, deterring further pursuit. An enlarged manhunt found the assailant the next day and took him into custody.

We welcome Detective David Friel, SAVE #588, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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