Save No.

Officer Jonathan Thornton

Sante Fe NM Saves Club

Thornton is an active News photographer who was assigned to cover the Bosnian War. As he approached a Croatian command post, two soldiers intercepted him and asked for ID. As Thornton was going thru his Second Chance® Command Jac, equipped with a K30 chest plate, one of the soldiers peeled off a round from his AK47, striking Thornton at about 50-feet away. “The bullet hit my chest with a shove. Feeling no pain, I swung around and ducked back up the path” Thornton was hit again in the arm and left thumb. Thornton spent 3 days in ICU, eight more in the hospital and 14 more as an out patient before returning to America. “the K30 had a perfectly round hole thru it the 3A Kevlar was shot straight through. I realize the K30 was not intended to stop a 7.62×39 at this range but I do feel it slowed the bullet down enough to reduce the size of the wound cavity and internal damage. Your vest and a bit of luck made the difference between life and death.”

We welcome Officer Jonathan Thornton, SAVE #595, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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