Save No.

Officer Juan Munoz

Mission Police Department Mission TX Saves Club

Officer Munoz noticed an erratic driving vehicle and followed it until the driver committed a traffic violation. When the driver noticed the police unit in pursuit, he sped away. Munoz called for backup and took off after the fleeing car. When Munoz came around a curve he found the driver draped over a fence the fleeing vehicle had struck. Munoz approached the driver as his backup pulled up behind the wrecked car and took a defensive position. When Munoz came up to the driver, the subject pulled out a snubnose .38, pushed it into Munoz’s lower chest and fired off a round. The 158gr CCI lead nose round tore through the officer’s uniform shirt and the carrier of his concealed Second Chance® Z2 armor but no further. Munoz fell back at the impact and his assailant fired two more rounds at the backup officer. He fled the scene but was apprehended less than an hour later by follow-up patrol and K9 units.

We welcome Officer Juan Munoz, SAVE #597, to The Safariland Group SAVES CLUB®.

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